Accessibility at Steelway

Steelway's Committment to Accessibility
At Steelway Building Systems, Steelway Material Handling and ExSteel Building Components (Steelway), we are committed to providing excellent customer service to everyone, including people with disabilities. This commitment means that we do our best to provide our goods and services to people with disabilities in a manner that respects their dignity and independence.

Steelway's 2014-2021 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that we will put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. Our Accessibility Plan & Policies can be viewed here.

Accessible Customer Service Plans
Please click the links below to view our Accessible Customer Service Plans in PDF format.

Accessible Customer Service Plan

Accessible Customer Service Plan (Large Print)

Temporary Disruptions
We recognize that people with disabilities often rely on certain facilities or services being available at Steelway (e.g. accessible washroom; ramps; disabled parking; etc.). As part of our commitment to providing accessible customer service, we promptly notify customers whenever there is a temporary disruption – whether it is planned or unplanned – in such facilities or services. This notice includes the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, and any alternative facilities or services available.

In the case of an unplanned temporary disruption, a notice will be posted at no less than one conspicuous place at the physical location of the temporary disruption, as a minimum, as soon as possible.

Planned temporary disruptions are listed below. A notice prior to the disruption will also be posted in at least one conspicuous place at the physical location of the disruption.

Current Temporary Disruptions

Disruption Reason for Disruption Anticipated Duration Alternative Facilities or Services
No disruptions at this time      

For more information regarding these disruptions please contact Steelway's Facility Manager at 519.765.2244, x170 or email

We welcome your feedback about accessibility at Steelway and invite your comments or questions. You may provide your feedback in person, by telephone, in writing, or by delivering electronically by email, or otherwise to the Environmental Health & Safety Manager (EHS) or any Steelway Customer Service Representative.

Feedback may be provided to:
EHS Manager
7825 Springwater Road
Aylmer, ON, Canada N5H 2R4
Telephone: 519.765.2244, x118
Fax: 519.773.7398

You are strongly encouraged to provide as much information as possible to Steelway about the event/concern, so that it can be readily identified by the Supervisor and/or Manager responsible for where the event/concern took place. Such information may include dates, times, names, contact information, a description of the event/concern, etc.

Your feedback will be reviewed and forwarded in accordance with the Steelway Feedback Process. A response will only be provided when deemed appropriate by the responsible Supervisor or Manager. Where a response is provided it will be given within a reasonable timeframe. Responses will be provided in the same format in which feedback was received whenever possible, unless the feedback requests otherwise.

Accessible Customer Service Documents
Click on the links below to access Steelway’s Accessible Customer Service Documents in PDF format.

Assistive Devices

Availability of Accessible Customer Service Documents

Feedback Process

Notice of Temporary Disruption Process

Providing Customer Service to People with Disabilities

Service Animals

Support Persons

All of our Accessible Customer Service Documents are available in accessible formats upon request.

Requests for copies of the Accessible Customer Service Documents may be made in person, by telephone, in writing, delivering electronically by email, or by fax, directed to the attention of:

EHS Manager
7825 Springwater Road
Aylmer, ON, Canada N5H 2R4
Telephone: 519.765.2244, x118
Fax: 519.773.7398