Why Steelway?

Why Steelway?

The design flexibility of a steel building system allows many architectural features to be easily incorporated to offer an esthetically pleasing and functional design. Architectural features are also achieved by the integration of other construction materials such as glass, pre-cast concrete, masonry, and wood. Steelway engineered building systems go  beyond the traditional industrial structures. Our buildings range from warehouses and distribution centers to multi-story office buildings, churches, schools, retail outlets and wide span athletic centers and arenas. The esthetic appeal and variety of end uses for steel building systems are only limited by your imagination.

Steelway buildings are completely customized to meet your needs. Standard building sizes are a thing of the past. Today's computer assisted design allows every design to start as a ‘blank sheet of paper’ without being restricted to a manufacture range of building sizes. Steelway utilizes advanced estimating, engineering, and detailing software. This software performs the calculations, generates the drawings and specifications, and coordinates other elements of your job. Output includes, but is not limited to:

  • Preliminary Approval Drawings and Foundation Reactions 
  • Bill of Materials
  • Engineering-Design Calculations
  • Shop Drawings
  • Input Data for computer controlled manufacturing equipment
  • Shipping and Packing
  • Erection Drawings

Outstanding Personnel
Our highly skilled, experienced professionals have helped people like you build thousands of steel buildings around the world. We are family owned with owners actively involved in day to day activities, making us small enough to care about your order, but large enough ensure results. But no matter our roles - whether a customer service representative, design engineer, or CEO - all of us will work as hard to give you the best quality building possible. You can count on it.

Steelway is not a broker or just an engineering firm, we are a full service design and manufacturing facility. All steel components are manufactured by Steelway under one roof ensuring built in quality in every process. The manufacturing equipment utilized at Steelway is second to none. We are also constantly upgrading to new technology as it becomes available and refining our processes to increase our production and quality while lowering our costs. Our advanced computer systems control state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, ensuring unmatched quality, accuracy, and precision. Steelway's ISO 9001:2008 registration and CSA-A660 certification ensure that you receive a high quality building that meets all the necessary design and manufacturing codes. Our high sales volume, advanced computerization, and extensive experience ensure a competitively priced product.

Generally Steelway buildings are erected by authorized Steelway builders, whose extensive experience in the erection of similar buildings offers very competitive rates. Their experience enables them to complete jobs on time and their close relationship with Steelway allows proper communication. The engineered building system is designed to avoid on site welding, and most structures are assembled using only high strength bolts and fasteners making steel building systems faster to erect saving time and money.

All components have been specified and designed specifically to act together as a system, for maximum efficiency, precise fit, and peak performance in the field. Our experience with engineered building systems in actual field conditions worldwide has resulted in design refinements over time to ensure dependable building performance.